Friday, October 1, 2010

Taste of St. Louis is knocking on your door!

Hello y'all!

I would like to invite all of you to bike to Taste of St. Louis! (Even if you don't have a bike, we invite you to join our tour to Taste of St. Louis via metro - It's just a simple walkable distance from metro)
It is the greatest opportunity for food-lovers (those who live to eat, not eat to live) including myself to explore what gourmets there are in St. Louis, for the best of the best restaurants would be competiting their pride and tastes each other by giving free samples to public! It's open to public, free admission and for all ages! What can there be greater opportunity than that? :D

It would be an awesome stress relief for those of you who are relieved from the tests this week and it would be a study-break for those who have tests coming up next week, so let's keep it positive spirits! We can eat delicious foods and rock the test at the same time!

Date: Sunday October 3rd,

Place to Meet: Brookings Hall (We will start biking from Brookings hall to Taste of St. Louis which is near by Union station and Civic Center Station, and those of you who do not have a bike, will take a metro in Skinker Station)

Time: 3:30 p.m (but don't worry, Taste of St. Louis goes until 9 p.m. We will sit and eat and bike and eat more until you stuff annual worth of foods in your belly)
Also, to note: For those of you who wish to come back early, you are welcome to bring Metro passes with you so that you can take metro on the way back. (I highly encourage all of you to bring metro passes in case)

The place is roughly an hour away by biking, so we should be back by latest 7p.m. (but 6 p.m for those who take metro back)

The weather may be little chillier, so make sure you wear (or have) something warm, and bring a filled water bottle like a person of good spirit.

Also I would appreciate it if you can reply to this mail only if you are going and whether you would be going via metro or via bike (so that I can get head counts. :) )

Also, if you don't have a bike, we can get a group of people to get there by metro and enjoy the taste of st. Louis!

Tons of funs and events at the Taste of St. Louis is awaiting for you!

Love and Peace,

Karin Underwood and Paul Ahn

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