Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blues City Deli on THURSDAY night

Hey hey,

So it seems like Saturday morning might nor work for most people... Hangovers do suck, and 11am is quite early... ;) But you totally missed out! La Vallesana was by far the best (Americanized) Mexican food I've had in St. Louis! The burritos were truly great, and the ride itself was fantastic.

This week we will be going to Blues City Deli on THURSDAY night, leaving at 5:15 from the DUC. It's supposed to be a BOMB sandwich shop, with live jazz. It's only open at lunch, except for on Thursdays! As for the route, since it is 9 miles there, I'm going to have us take the Metrolink back. The total mileage will be around 11.

So again...

Restaurant: Blues City Deli
Date: Thursday, April 16
When: Meet at 5:00, Leave at 5:15
Where: Meet at the DUC on the Forsyth side

Route There
Route back to Civic Center

I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

La Vallesana on SATURDAY for lunch (4/11, 11AM)

Hello again bike-ies/foodies,

Last Friday we had our largest group yet (11 via bike and 2 via car) at Everest. We had our own little back room, and the food was great. If you weren't able to go, be sure to visit Everest soon. Remarkably, handling the check was easy too! Thanks everyone!

This week we will be doing something different. We'll be going to La Vallesana on Cherokee for Lunch on Saturday. This is mainly because the costumed Full Moon Fiasco ( is on Thursday night, and I don't want people to be too tired or biked-out for the food ride.

La Vallesana is supposed to be a fantastic Mexican restaurant. The ride will be longer (~17 miles), but we'll go at a slower pace. Don't worry about the distance! And for you to ponder: How could we ride our burrito-powered vehicles without occasionally eating burritos? Anyway......

Restaurant: La Vallesana (Yelp)
Time: 11AM at the DUC. Leave at 11:15. Back by 2-2:30pm.
Route there - 8.5 miles: Google1
Route Back - 8.5 miles: GoogleBack

That's all. I hope to see you all there! If you have any